ARTLOOK is a organization which provides professional art & design critique on portfolios.


ARTLOOK –  is an organization helping art students to apply their dream school. It's founded in 2018 by a group of young artists and designers. Our mission is to help strengthen the chances of students getting into their dream college and understanding the value of studying art and design. Artlook educates more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students each year, plus many more in summer and continuing education programs. Over 80% of these students receive financial aid to support their education.


Artlook achieves its mission of strengthening and connecting its member through a variety of programs and activities, including:

- Distributing information about Artlook and its members, and about art and design education and careers, to students, parents, teachers, and others;

- Gathering and analyzing substantial institutional data annually, accompanied by analysis and forecasts to assist in future planning efforts;

- Providing members with information about current art and design education issues, and about relevant legislation and government policies;

- Working with other educational and cultural groups on various policy issues and mutually beneficial programs; and, maintaining a communication and information exchange system for senior staff and faculty of the partner organization, including frequent meetings to discuss timely issues.
Artlook is a place where we make our dream come true. I used to be an art student wondering how to finish my portfolio. As I push along, more trouble starts to appear. Thankfully, I found a mentor whos kind enough to walk me through by giving his personal critic. Now, I hope my background and experience can support students today with enough confidence and work to apply wherever they want.

Executive Lead
HW has over 5 years of experience as a leader in the university application industry. In the past few years, his team had helped over 200 students with their applications. He was appointed as Executive lead of Artlook in 2019. As an Executive lead, he leads the organization to it mission of creating more resources like lectures, open studio, Free handouts and online critique public to students. Thus advancing art and design education.

Director of Operation
Talented marketer with 1-year in-house marketing & 3-year self-startup marketing experience. Expert in collecting customers' information from social media, providing business strategies by analyzing big data. Comprehensive background in Internet and product marketing with strength in teamwork, group communication, and management.

Product Supervisor
She is an artist with a creative experience who has participated in the post-production of operation red sea, commuter rescue and other films and TV programs of domestic and foreign cinemas and concurrently acted as an independent painter for artistic creation.

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