Industrial Design Advisor / Rhode Island School of Design
Everything I do is translated from detailed descriptions (like a brief document) and research. As long as I know what you want people to see I can make them see it. Does that make sense? A good comparison would be a musician. A good musician can play a song they've never played before. Some can play it as they read it and if they are really good they can fill in and edit parts when needed and even just jump in for a jam session.

Fashion Design Advisor / Polimoda, FIT
In the past times, I had been to many different schools in the world. It includes FIT, Polimoda and UAL. I hope my experience in the past can help you in the future!

Graphic Design Advisor/ RMIT University
I have over 7 years as a professional creative and have hands on experience in innovation and production of artwork across various mediums. I have worked for some of Australia's biggest retailers working on a range of projects from web and eDM design and development, TV advertising, print and image re-touching and editing.

Architecture Design Advisor / Architectural Association School of Architeecture
Through geometry, materiality, abstraction, and representativeness, I have tried to update the most typical iconoclasm of contemporary architectural practice, while at the same time trying to develop a new design language that transcends traditional architectural debates: either to give the public fresh and rich insights, or to keep the tradition and be left behind.I wanted to create efficient spatial experiences that grew rapidly like frankenstein between the constant changes in social products and social behavior.

I now run my own design studio, and I have wealth of experience sending out portfolios to companies for a range of projects. I have also worked for UAL in the past, in various roles, so I have a unique perspective of the university and its courses.

Illustration Design Advisor / University of the Arts London
I was born in the UK and have more than ten years' experience in photography.I studied fashion photography at the London college of fashion at the university of the arts London and graduated with clients such as Interscope, SONY and universal music.These experiences gave me a unique, creative style and a broad understanding of the industry.

Fashion Design Advisor/ University of the Arts London
I've learned and touched many different spheres of business and design over the last 5 years. But I always want to know more. I am looking for the next opportunity to expand and apply my superior range of skills and knowledge.

Industrial Design Advisor/ Central Saint Martin
As a visual artist and filmmaker, my work deals with social and intercultural themes.  My projects are situated at the intersection of experimental documentary and  fiction. In my professional career, I have worked as a producer, project manager  and fine art consultant. Now, I run my own video production and photography  business, based in Brisbane.

Film & Photography Advisor / Royal College of Art
Opening Stage
Early Stage
Mid Stage
Final Stage
We use four steps to guide you through a professional portfolio.
Assuring the direction of brainstorming and project theme.
Making sure the student is on the same track with the School's style.
Inspecting enough content and raise the quality to meet the standard.
More than one advior will join the final critique to ensure the portfolio can be accepted.
Royal College of Art

Central Saint Martin
Rhode Island School of Design
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RISD Critique Session
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