Why study Art & Design?

- Follow your passion and do what you love every day

- Prepare for the creative careers of the future

- Learn critical problem-solving skills

- Connect with other like-minded creative peers on a daily basis

- Learn how to apply your creativity - an essential skill in the workplace

Why choose Artlook?

Artlook provides the most professional portfolio critique because all our teachers came from the best art universities in the world. Our experienced advisors all had been working in this professional area for many years. It's the best place to learn how real critic happens and to practice critical thinking. Moreover, the most benefit is to guide the students in the right direction in order to increase the chances of getting their dream schools.
How do I get in?

Art schools admission based on a combination of factors including the strength of artwork/portfolio, grades, test scores, writing samples, recommendations, extra-curricular activities, and sometimes interviews and auditions.

The application process can be daunting, but Artlook is here to help. We are working with different organizations that provide professional service on each part of the whole process. Upload your portfolio to the Artlook Portfolio Review Portal to get feedback on your work from Artwork school admissions counselors.

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